Website Design for Nonprofits

You need to approach a non-profit website from a donor's point of view. Taking a generic website template and modifying it here and there to showcase your organization and campaigns will not get you the best donor response. A non-profit website is unique, as it must establish trust with the prospective donor over a greater length of time before the donor feels comfortable supporting your cause.

When a donor does donate, there should be no misconceptions about what the donor is funding the charity to do. You must show the donor what the gift has accomplished through both private and public communication of the campaign's progress.

Social media campaigns for non-profit organizations can help build up this level of trust. When current donors get their friends and family to participate in fundraising events, everyone should benefit from the teamwork. Structure your fundraising events so that donors get an incentive for boosting your donor base. Examples of thank-yous can be gifts, handwritten thank you card from the organization's president, public acknowledgement, tickets to cultural events, prime seating at your next fundraiser.

When you build your charity website, or rebuild it, ensure that your base ingredient is trust. Contact ShoreShot! Web Design to help you set up your charity's website.


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