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Free isn't cheap. Here's why those free website builders are not bringing customers to your website:

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What sets you apart from everyone else? Why would someone choose to follow you or use your products/services?

With 7 billion people in the world all trying to make their mark, or just make it in the world, you have a lot of competition. Identify those things that make your place in the world different from everyone else, and you will create your list of competitive advantages.

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Has your Facebook page hit a plateau with the number of people liking or contributing to your page? Would you like to boost this number?

Maybe you have tried Facebook ads. You get hundreds, maybe thousands of hits, but the people don't stick around. Maybe you have purchased a Facebook Friends list, but they too evaporate from your page. These methods may not work when you are pulling people in who are not as engaged in your topic as you or your current contributors are.

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The Why Game. Young children play it often with adults. Whatever you say, their response is "Why?" Your answer delves ever-deeper into explanation, yet they still respond with the same question.

Part of this game is the explanation of how things work. Getting to the kernel of Why will help you with telling your story.

What Problem Is Being Solved?

There was some catalyst to cause you to be in the type of business you are running right now. There was some problem that you had a knack for solving. Recreate this scene with a story.

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People love to be entertained. Whether it is reading, going to a sporting event, or on a screen, what keeps people engaged are the stories surrounding the experience.

Advertising is no different.

Include stories in your marketing message. The reason you got into business is a story. The products and services you provide have stories. The clients and people you have helped have stories.

Share these stories with your customers to establish a stronger connection with them.

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Non-Profit Organizations have a specific way of getting donors. They build long-term relationships with them, educating them on a cause, alternatives to that cause, and their solution to it. For-Profit businesses are starting to take notice and adopt this marketing strategy.

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Corporations spend countless billions of dollars, collectively, building a contact relationship manager (CRM) application. Then they spend billions more on tracking contacts and leads, and maintaining that content. They all run into the same problem: Every day, people change jobs and with it their contact information.

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As of this post, there are around 250 social media websites to connect people. Each has a slightly different interest or medium. LinkedIn's competitive advantage is connecting business professionals. You can use LinkedIn to grow your network. Here's how:

LinkedIn profile search Rob Cole

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Waiting for someone to contact you from your website can take forever. Despite having a Contact form, phone number and email address on your website, people will only use them if they have a need to do so. Wouldn't it be better to entice your visitors to leave their contact information with you with some information on what interests them so you can follow up with them? Landing pages can do just that.

Landing Page example

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The nice thing about email campaigns is that once a week or once a month, your business is brought into the forefront of your viewer's mind. You get a chance to show your products and changes to your organization on a regular basis. But what if you have a new product or service that you want to showcase and get into more detail than a single email could provide, or you want to introduce your organization to a new or prospective client? Drip email campaigns will be able to help with these types of communications.

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